Bryan Bell: fostering a culture of evaluation

Bryan Bell: fostering a culture of evaluation

In an interview following the 2012 Social Impact Design Summit at the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt where he was a panelist, Bryan Bell (LF 2011) explains why he is keeping an eye on design projects like Deanna VanBuren’s (LF 2013) Restorative Justice initiative. VanBuren is interested in creating spaces that facilitate alternatives to incarceration and punishment by enabling resolution--and ideally understanding--between victims and perpetrators. It’s a project that addresses social, economic and environmental objectives through design. 

Bell, Co-Founder of the SEED Network and Executive Director of Design Corps sees Restorative Justice as a bellwether in the movement to create a culture of evaluation for the area of social impact design.  He has promoted development of the SEED Evaluator to evaluate the success or failure of public interest design projects and shine a light on the positive impacts buildings and designers achieve. 

Read the interview with Bryan Bell.

Read the white paper “Design and Social Impact: A cross-sectoral agenda for design education, research and practice, ” which expands upon the Summit.

Rendering of Restorative Justice pods, courtesy of Deanna VanBuren, FOURM Design

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