Bryan Bell: design in the public interest

Michael Murphy (MArch) conducting Design Corps workshop

Bryan Bell (LF 2011) thinks the problem with the architecture profession isn’t architecture. He believes design has a powerful role to play in solving the intractable problems of contemporary societies, and he’s set out to educate practitioners and students about how they can make a living while serving the public. Bell’s Public Interest Design Institute has held Design Corps seminars on this topic at 11 universities, starting with Harvard in 2011.  And he’s championing the SEED (Social Economic Environmental Design) rating scale so designers and the public can measure a project’s social benefit along with its environmental impact.

Read about Bell's work in Atlantic Cities or AIArchitect.

PS - Michael Murphy (also mentioned in the articles and shown above conducting a Design Corps lecture) and Alan Ricks, his partner in MASS Design Group, are GSD MArch grads.

Fellowship Year: 2011
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