Baye Adofo-Wilson Hosts AASU Student Exhibit at Stroebel House

On a recent Friday, current Loeb Baye Adofo-Wilson hosted the GSD African American Student Urban Design Exhibition at the Stroebel garage apartment.  Created by Adofo-Wilson and AASU project manager Patrick Boateng (MUP ’14), the exhibition provided African American students across the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning and design the opportunity to showcase their work. 

For an audience of some 50 people, GSD students Sekou Cook (MArch II ‘14), Omar Davis (MLA ‘14) Vaughn Horn (DDes), Kayla Marie Lim (MArch ’14), Marcus Mello (MArch ’17) and Hector Tarrido-Picart (LA and MAUP ’15) presented projects ranging from infrastructure development in Burkina Faso to self portraits to a protest facility in Los Angeles. 

The event was open to people of all ages.  The children and partners of many Loeb Fellows enjoyed music and atmosphere, making the event a lighthearted, family-friendly affair.  Loeb Fellows in attendance included Angelyn Chandler, Arana Hankin, Helen Lochhead, and Eli Spevak.

"Rarely do we get to see the work of our African American colleagues pinned up side by side and hear them present their work, even though we have daily interactions on the hallways and classrooms at Gund Hall,” said Tarrido-Picart. "For our black student organization, it is important that we get to see the amazing collective talent that our group of architects, landscape architects, planners and urban designers possess. We need more events like this in the future.”

The concept for a student exhibition began earlier in the semester when Adofo-Wilson took Omar Davis and a friend on a tour of Stroebel House, one of the Loeb Fellow residences.  Ideas began to emerge to reimagine the large, unfinished garage space within the carriage house.

"We cleaned out the garage. We then created a space for students to pin up their work. I wished I took before and after pictures for the Loebs who’ve stayed at Stroebel,” said Adofo-Wilson. 

The evening started off with a reception hosted by Adofo-Wilson and his partner Aimee, with the students introducing their work and backgrounds, followed by pin-ups and presentations. Later in the evening Davis switched from his role of exhibiting student to resident DJ and mixed vinyl records for the elated crowd: funk and soul from the ’70s. Between Thursday’s Theaster Gates (LF ’11) and Walid Raad presentations and the GSD Halloween Party Saturday, the mini-exhibition made for a full weekend at the GSD.

"The exhibition was a huge success, with people traveling from New York and Philadelphia to see it,” Adofo-Wilson said.  "The presentation and conversation were rich and inspiring. It was a lot of fun!  Our plan now is to institutionalize this event.”

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  1. Hope Hardesty says:

    This was such a fun event- great work to hear about and super fun to relax and converse on a Friday night!

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