Azzurra Cox on Parks on the March in Bolivia

Azzurra Cox on Parks on the March in Bolivia

Within a week of arriving in La Paz, Bolivia, for her Penny White Fund Award trip, Loeblogger Azzurra Cox (MLA) knew she had to write about it. She had found herself in “a city-landscape like no other,” traversing the city by cable car, taking in startlingly intense views.

In La Paz Cox worked with with the International Design Clinic, a group of American architecture students and faculty which, through design, supports the work of organizations that are already embedded in communities. She arrived in the city for the last phase of a long-term partnership between IDC and Teatro Trono, an arts and theater organization in El Alto, for a unique design-build project. The partners created a pair of portable and mutable playspaces that assert the claim to space dedicated to play in a highly crowded and competitive urban public realm.

Cox has written an article for CityLab about her experiences, the first of several, she hopes. Reading it is a brief immersion in a culture and a process. Read "A Park That Moves Around the City."

Photo by Megan Hoffman
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