Re-Greening Tribal Development

When Jamie Blosser (LF ’15) cofounded the Sustainable Native Communities Collaborative in 2009, she was passionate about supporting culturally appropriate and sustainable development in American Indian communities. Native American Green, a film she executive produced, highlights successful efforts to build sustainable architecture on tribal lands. The documentary, an episode of the PBS Natural Heroes series, shares the stories of five outstanding tribal housing projects in the US and their transformative effects. Get ready to be inspired.

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Matthew Kiefer on Planning in the New Millennium

Matthew Kiefer (LF ’96) celebrates the end of urban planning “as we knew it” in a recent opinion piece in the Boston Globe. He hails new strategies–like planned incrementalism, value capture, public-private partnerships, and harnessing market forces–that lead to more livable, more equitable, and more resilient cities. Read “It’s the end of urban planning as we know it (and we feel fine).”

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Detroit Dispatch

When Maurice Cox (LF ’05) assumed leadership of the Detroit Planning Office, he staffed the office to reflect the population it serves. That and a few core principles–go into the neighborhoods, deliver on promises, demonstrate change from the start of planning, ensure all Detroiters share in the revival–are building trust. The agency has become a bridge between two Detroits: “The white folks in the boardrooms who hold the purse strings, and the black folks outside the ivory tower.”

Read “Meet the Architects Behind Detroit’s Next Act.”

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São Paulo Expedition

The 2017 Loeb Fellows joined the studio trip to Brazil for Felipe Correa’s course São Paulo: the Rescaling of Rail Infrastructure and New Models of Domestic Life. Mark Lamster presents the trip in photos. read more

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Housing and Caring for an Aging Population

How do we house and care for an aging population?  

On Monday evening, over 50 attendees gathered at the Harvard Graduate School of Design to hear about one of the most urgent issues of the coming decades: Housing Policy in an Aging World. The panel discussion was convened by the Joint Center for Housing Studies, and panelists included current Loeb Fellow Emi Kiyota, professor of Urban Planning Ann Forsyth, and Ashish Jha, professor of International Health and director of the Harvard Global Health Institute. read more

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Leadership Sought for Downtown Toledo Development Corporation

Toledo, Ohio, is experiencing a renaissance, with new riverfront parks and open spaces and investments in entertainment and hospitality contributing to an active, livable, and attractive downtown. The Downtown Toledo Development Corporation, which has played a crucial role in the city’s redevelopment and revitalization, is seeking a president and CEO who can build the leadership, partnerships, and capabilities necessary to implement the Downtown Toledo Master Plan.

Learn more about this vital city and opportunity and submit an application.

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Refugee Heritage: Project and Panel 3/4

Every now and again it’s good to look up from our national turmoil to see what the rest of the world is dealing with. The European Conference 2017, a collaboration of the Harvard Kennedy School, Business School, Law School, Graduate School of Design, and Fletcher School, offers such an opportunity. The opening was Friday, but the meat of the agenda happens Saturday at the Harvard Kennedy School, including an afternoon panel called Design Solutions to the Migration Crisis, featuring Loeb Alessandro Petti. Schedule and tickets are here. read more

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Pershing Park Update

Charles Birnbaum (LF '98) continues to observe that the designs for the new World War I Memorial on the site of historic Pershing Park in Washington, DC, fail to preserve the integrity of the park and in fact eliminate some of its most appealing and functional features. In his recent Huffington Post article, he makes the case for the park’s importance to the Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic Site and coaxes the designer, landscape architect M. Paul Friedberg, to comment on the impact of the new plans. Birnbaum writes, “The future of Pershing Park is an example of how first tier works of landscape architecture too often are still treated like second-class amenities.”

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Enterprise Climate and Cultural Resilience RFP: by 3/31

Enterprise has issued a call for proposals for projects that use the tools of creative placemaking to build both cultural resilience and climate resilience. Five Climate and Cultural Resilience grants of $100,000 each will be made to support activities undertaken between June 2017 and May 2018 to address an urgent challenge. Grantees will participate in a peer learning cohort throughout the year.

Learn more and apply. read more

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Regional Planning How-To

How does a nonprofit nongovernmental organization with influence but no authority go about mapping the future of the largest metropolitan area in the US? Next fall the Regional Plan Association will unveil a new plan for the tri-state NY metropolitan region, including a series of scenarios for how the region might grow in the next 25 years and the impacts of these alternatives. Rob Lane (LF ’09), urban designer for RPA and senior fellow for community design and development, believes other localities can profit from knowing how RPA arrived at its findings and what successes and compromises it faced. His article is published in the American Planning Association’s January Planning issue, but you can read it here.

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